If you were redirected to this page then it probably means your web browser doesn't allow for Javascript to run, and/or CSS/fonts to load, and/or cookies to be used on this domain, subdomain, page, or tab.

We completely understand why you would want this by default, but SIE Batch needs these things to work properly and to look nice.

Why does SIE Batch need Javascript?

SIE Batch uses Javascript to make API calls to the SIE Batch servers. SIE Batch only makes API calls to batch.sie-remote.net and batch-dl.sie-remote.net.

Why does SIE Batch need CSS/fonts?

Various icons and page elements both work and look better when CSS and fonts are allowed to load.

Why does SIE Batch need cookies?

SIE Batch uses a cookie for session authentication; it's a first-party cookie for batch.sie-remote.net. Some web browsers directly tie cookie settings and Private Browsing Modes to Javascript usage and caching.

What do I need to whitelist in order for SIE Batch to work properly?

Whitelist the domain or subdomain you're viewing this page on for Javascript and CSS/fonts, and also allow first-party cookies.

You can also individually whitelist the Javascript, CSS, and font files used by SIE Batch pages. SIE Batch does not use any Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to load these files:

After you have whitelisted SIE Batch's resources you can then log in and then start downloading SIE data.

If you reached this page in error or need help using SIE Batch please contact the Enterprise Support Team.